The Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth Practices


The practice text on Taoist Secret.
This text reveals the Five Ghost Transfer Wealth Practices. Find out more
Author: Dr.Wilson Yong
ISBN 983-3206-11-5
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Through the power of Taoist dharma, visualization, and mantra recitation, as well as a wealth-enhancing ritual, this practice intervened and enhances our karma for an abundance of resources. When done with single-pointed concentration and faith, this ritual easily increases one’s financial prosperity.

This practice is a guarded secret of most Taoist Master for centuries, transmitted through oral traditions from one lineage to another.

This practice text gives the most detailed explanation of cultivating this Taoist dharma to gain wealth and fortune. A precious text for these interested in Taoist occult practice.

Fully illustrated, complete with Secret Talisman’s used to invoke the Five Ghosts, Mudra’s and Mantra. For the first time ever this Taoist Secret Practice is revealed here!

Anyone with faith can do the practices on this booklet.

21 pages, January 2006.

Introduction: What is the Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth Technique?

Setting up the Altar for the Five Ghosts Practices

The Five Ghosts paper effigy

The Secret Talisman used to invoke the Five Ghosts:

The Talisman of the Northern Star Constellation Deity

The Talisman to Consecrate, Protect and Defined your boundary

Jiang Tai Gong – The God in Charge of Granting Titles to Gods

The Auspicious Talisman of Deity Jiang Tai Gong

The Talisman of Protection of the Dragon Tiger Spirit General

The Altar Talisman of Deity Jiang Tai Gong

The Five Ghost Wealth Talisman

The Five Ghost Wealth Generating Mantra

The Translation of Five Ghost Wealth Generating Mantra

The Secret Offering Mudra of the Five Ghosts

The Secret Attainment Mudra of the Five Ghosts

Appendix 1 The Five Ghosts Wealth Altar

The Steps to the Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth Practices Conclusion