The Cosmic Healing Disc – Pendant


The Cosmic Healing Disc is designed to protect not only from negative ELF and EMF (low frequency electromagnetic energy fields) caused by cell phones, microwaves, computers, television, etc.., but also from other negative entities!



The disc was created based on sacred geometry design, that incorporate the I Ching hexagram, the eight pointed star and Yin Yang symbol of the Tai Chi. Over the years of practicing Taoist esoteric art of drawing talismans, I am able to transmit my psychic energy into talismans. On an average I get about more than 50 emails a day requesting for various types of talismans, i.e. wealth, health, success, getting rid of spirit attachment, prevents harm from sorcery, relationship issues, etc…

The response was overwhelming most who had tried the talismans would email me and gave me positive feedback.

During this period I tried numerous experiments on “Sacred Geometry”, studying various occult symbols; pentagram, flower of life, star of david, star of betlehelm, mandala from hindu tradition and Buddhist tradition, yant motives from Thailand and Cambodia; the use of yantra from various acharya and yogi. I would feel its subtle energy by sensing the energy radiated from each of these symbols. I would conduct an experiment by testing the symbol using water. A glass of water would be exposed to each of the symbol while another glass of water is used as a control sample. Results of the taste of water would either taste sweet, palatable, or very strong taste of waste or sediments from the tap water.

Seeds of mung beans are also used they are sprinkled with tap water exposed with the symbol while the other are with ordinary tap water.

Astonishingly the results vary from one symbol to another some would cause the plant to grow faster and healthier while some would stop growing or stunted. If such results can be visible with such simple tests, what would happen to our general well being if we were exposed to these symbols?

It is as essential to life as food. In fact, you can go much longer without food than you can without water. This is not so surprising when you realize that water constitutes about 85% of the brain, 75% of muscles, and 70% of the total body weight. Have you ever wondered about the effects of water on our health and well-being on a deeper level than just hydration.

For ages each of us may had in possession of an amulet or good luck charm which we treasure dearly. It can even be now dangling on your neck, while you’re reading this it could be your family heirloom a medallion, a pendant, or any particular articles. Could that be the cause of lack of energy, spade of bad luck, or vice versa (if you happen to be having a great powerful symbol). By wearing these pendant, symbols, amulet you are indirectly altering the water in you i.e. your total well being!

At all cost get rid of it if you are now aware that it causes more calamities instead of granting you better conditions. You may not believe how much harmed it had done to you previously, contemplate all past events whether it’s a mishap or fortune while you were wearing it. Any particular event that may has an impact on you?

If the answer is a resounding “Yes” then you need to decide whether you should continue having it or get rid of it once and for all. You can only decide for your self if you want any changes and abundance to come into your life.

Cosmic Healing Disc are now available in several forms:

By wearing the pendant:
Expect to feel a greater sense of well being.

Expect to be more connected with your intuition.

Expect to feel revitalized and energized to enable you to accomplish and achieve your goals in life.

Expect to resonate at a higher level so you’re part of the flow. When you’re in the flow, you attract wonderful, things, events and people into your life.

Healers should have one to increased their power to heal others and also prevent negative energy being transferred to them during the healing process.

The Cosmic Healing Disc are designed to protect not only from negative ELF and EMF (low frequency electromagnetic energy fields) caused by cell phones, microwaves, television, computers, etc…, but also from other negatives entities!