Protective coating

Shield Guard Specialist has vast experience in Vinyl Ester, Polyester, Epoxy, moisture cured polyurethane coatings in many different applications from Sea Water to highly Corrosive cargoes even at elevated temperatures.

Many situational environments that Shield Guard Specialist deals with requiring a system to be designed that suits the intended application, from the primers selected depending on the surface preparation through to the top coat facing the corrosive environment.

Our professional team can design and specify the perfect advanced coating solutions to tackle challenges where standard coatings may traditionally let you down.

We have strengthened our expertise in various specialized coatings for different environments and numerous surfaces. Our professional team can provide the perfect advanced coating solutions to tackle challenges where standard coatings may traditionally let you down.

Decorative Painting

From the white lead wall paint to the groovy colours of the swinging sixties, we love to decorate. On a grey foggy morning there is nothing quite like a splash of colour to lift the spirits. As a result, more than 60% of the total coatings market value in Singapore is due to decorative coating. DIY-ers, homeowners looking to spruce up a living room, new housing initiatives, and housing developers have all contributed to the improving market – nearly a half of all paints in the decorative coating sector are wall and ceiling paints.

In this we will discuss many varieties of decorative coating, and all the ways it can be used to liven up and protect a wall, door, window, space, building, and more. We will look at the finishes and colours, and their effect on environments, such as hospitals, as well as where to find these products in Singapore.

Exterior decorative paints

Interior decorative paints

Floor Coating

Floor coating serves as thin protective layers on existing floors and as thicker complete flooring systems. A thin layer floor paint is usually not thicker than a millimetre, but the complete floor coating systems may reach up to one centimetre in thickness. The most common concrete floor coatings on the market are polyurethane and epoxy based resin floor coatings which both come with unique properties.

Floor coatings are ideal for many different purposes; here below you will find 5 examples of specified floor coating functions:

Hygiene promotion: The seamless layer prevents spread and growth of mould, bacteria and fungi.

Flexibility and versatility in application: There is a suitable floor coating for every environment.

Decorativeness: Available in nearly all RAL colours and in finishes from ultra matt to high gloss.

Functional additives: It is possible make floors anti slip or fire retardant by using the right additives.

Cost efficiency: Can postpone the need for a new floor, complete floor coating systems are durable and easy to maintain.