Fastfood Seating

Galaxy Series Compact Laminate Fastfood seatings

Supply of table and stool tops with water resistant phenolic that are easily customize into selected sizes to suit all needs. Typical thickness for table top are at 18mm and 12mm for stool tops.

We have a wide range of high quality fast food seating sets which are popular with canteens, cafes and takeaways as well as many other commercial settings. Choosing the right fast food furniture for any setting is important as many factors need to be thought about.

Fast food furniture units made from wood, metal and plastic seating

Our range of fast food furniture seating has been cleverly manufactured with modular designs and so can be built in a series to provide large scale seating areas. We stock a wide selection of designs to suit your decor.

The structure of these models is based around a heavy duty steel frame which is available in a range of powder-coated finishes, a truly durable base to ensure longevity. Table tops are offered in Formica or other similar laminates which are easily wiped clean to ensure hygiene. All laminates are available in a choice of finishes. As standard we offer the table edges in either bull nose MDF with a clear lacquer, or a matching OR contrasting PVC strip that is securely bonded on to the table edge.