Compact Locker

Galaxy Series Compact Laminate Lockers

To supply and install DULUXE Type “C” series compact laminate locker system. This modular shall possess 100% resistant properties towards: Water, chemical, impact resistant.

If you need a simple, easy but effective way of providing safe and secure storage for your staff, customers, students or guests so that they can easily store their personal belongings and items, then look no further than the simple but effective Locker.

Lockers for the workplace, school or public

Here at SephBuild Pte Ltd we have built up a massive range of lockers that we believe will offer a solution to any of your personal storage needs. Whilst we obviously offer the traditional standard steel locker with steel doors which, with the wide range of colours , sizes and accessory options available, offers an extensive range in its own right, it is only just the beginning of what we can offer.

We also have a variety of specialist or bespoke lockers that are designed to address more specific requirements or more specific environments. So for instance if you have a wet environment such as a swimming pool or changing room, a harsh industrial environment, need lockers that can be installed outdoors or just need a colourful but robust locker for an educational setting, then we will be able to find the right locker solution for you.

Deciding how many compartments each locker will have will also help you decide what space to provide.
The single compartment locker has a full height door with a top shelf and double coat hook
Compartment heights for the Steel door lockers are as follows

2 Compartment - 812mm Door Height

3 Compartment- 530mm Door Height

4 Compartment- 380mm Door Height

5 Compartment- 300mm Door Height

6 Compartment- 245mm Door Height

8 Compartment- 195mm Door Height

10 Compartment- 150mm Door Height

15 Compartment- 95mm Door Height

16 Compartment- 90mm Door Height