Out Sourcing

Out Sourcing

Your organisation may require staff and personnel for specific projects or on a contract basis. We can meet your needs by deploying personnel to your organisation on an outsourcing arrangement.

Company Income Tax

We focus on supporting companies and individuals with their tax compliance to ensure that the risk is managed effectively and to minimize tax expenses. We offers a full range of tax services to businesses in Singapore.

Personal Tax Filing

Account Serve can help companies to be in compliance with the employer's and/or individual taxpayer (i.e. employee) tax filing, examine current business operations to identify if there are gaps and recommend practices to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary tax costs.

Set Up A Company

To set up a company and start doing business in Singapore, a company must first be registered. There are different types of business entities which you have to select while thinking of the start of the business in Singapore.

Work Pass Application Services

We provides professional service to overseas entrepreneurs and employees on immigration matters related to all Work Passes, Entrepass application & renewal, Letter of Consent, Singapore Permanent Residence and Singapore citizenship application.

Accounting & Payroll Services

We offers a full range of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services to companies businesses in Singapore. We can help your company maintain your books and upkeep records in accordance with ACRA and IRAS requirements.


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