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We take pride in each item made, providing the highest quality products in health supplement manufacturing.

What makes us special

Nurul D Herbs is an established development and manufacturing organization that provides an extensive range of products and services to both local and global companies within the health sector.

Nurul D Herbs was founded as a patent medicine manufacturer with a core focus on natural herbal based supplements. Since then, Nurul D Herbs has evolved to providing comprehensive contract manufacturing of private label health and food supplements and marketing/distribution services for related health products/supplements.

What We Offer

Nurul D Herbs Capsules

Capsules are a powder ingredient formula compressed into a pill form to create a nutraceutical capsule.

Vegan Friendly

Creating products that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans is becoming more and more important to brands

Halal Certified

We can also help with any additional product requirements you may have, such as being Halal certified.


Our Ingredients

Cinnamon is known as one of the first traded and most popular spices from the ancient world. It belongs to the family Lauraceae and there are more than 250 species and sub species. The expensive and rare cinnamon variety is known as “Ceylon cinnamon” which is native to Sri Lanka. Due to unique chemical properties over other varieties, Ceylon variety has high reputation and demand in the world.

Ceylon cinnamon contains more than 80 chemical components. Cinnamaldehyde is the essential component of the bark and eugenol is the main component found in the cinnamon leaf oil.

This valuable spice has been noted as the most beneficial among the rest in the spice industry. Besides being a spice in nature, it was used in medicine, medical production, perfume production as well as soft drinks. Currently, cinnamon is widely used in pharmaceutical industries, bakeries and cosmetic industries throughout the world.