Security Digital Road Map

Transformation With Digitalisation

Security Digital Road Map

Manpower intensive and low digital technology adoption; use of manual surveillance, access control and patrolling

Stage 1

Digital Systems, Optimise Resources

Digitalise surveillance to reduce manpower intensive work and ease resource constraints.

Stage 2

Integrate Services, Enhance Response

Digital service integration enables service portability and enhances response speed and quality.

Stage 3

Converging Insights, Intelligent Business

Exploit opportunities to maximize business value through advanced tech and convergence.

Transforming through Ideas, Actions & its Results

The Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM) was launched in February 2018


To be technologically advance

Build a competitive security industry

Better jobs for Singaporean

Key Strategy

To transform the industry

Rely less on manpower

Use of Technology

Outcome-Based Contracting

Expected performance level rather than output levels

Innovate / Deliver more productive solutions

Integrating Manpower, Technology and Operational Processes


Risk Assessment

To be done prior to contracting

Able to define security outcomes

Provide buyers with an evaluation of security risks

Operational Model

To submit a detailed proposal

Manpower, processes, infrastructure and technology

Integrated effectively to mitigate security risks

Security Outcomes

Resource Plan - adopt technology and work process that can maximise efficiency of their manpower to meet the stipulated security outcomes Resource Plan - adopt technology and work process that can maximise efficiency of their manpower to meet the stipulated security outcomes

Performance measurements on the outcomes to be achieved

Outcome-based Contracting

Smart Nation

Mainguard Security advocates Smart Nation and has made significant strides to champion this cause. A fine example is the acquisition and implementation of technology that streamlines all aspects of the business, from HR, Finance, Administration and Operations.

Systems specializes in web-based and mobile application platforms to optimize operational management of security services.

Thanks to our combined security expertise and the use of state-of-the-art information systems technology we proudly offer the most effective solutions available on the market today.

The application of the system has contributed to the workforce’ productivity and efficiency through the advancement of technology.

Digital Pledge

Private, people and public organisations play an important role in bridging the digital divide to build an inclusive society.

Being digitally ready will enable everyone to tap on the opportunities afforded by technology to improve their quality of life.

Mainguard Security pledges our support in the four following areas:

Equipping employees with digital skills;

Educating customers/ clients/ stakeholders on the use of their digital services;

Offering and designing their digital services to be inclusive and safe; and

Volunteering or giving resources to support digital-readiness efforts