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Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS)

With Dynamic Channel Selection, PTP 550 systems constantly optimize the channel of operation to maximize link reliability and performance. Responding to the radio interface enveronment, PTP 550 will search for the clearest spectrum and move to it seamlessly. The customer benefits from best available throughput with limited spectrum in the most challenging environments.

5.170 to 5.980 GHz

Up to 1.36 Gbps

Built in Live Spectrum Analyzer

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AES 128 Encryption

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Additional Services

Annual Security Audit

As a value-added feature, Mainguard Security ensures it equips itself with a full understanding of each customer’s physical security position. Some of the points for consideration are:

Is the client vulnerable to threats that have been unaccounted for?

Is the client spending unnecessary amounts of money on unneeded features?

Does its employees understand how to leverage the technology effectively, both during an emergency and on a day-to-day basis?

In order to address these key questions, Mainguard Security will, to optimise its conduct of security provision, complete an Annual Security Audit of its managed sites to identify room for improvement, be assured that the technology is used to its full potential and are accounting for all potential security threats, or redesign security strategies to further reduce manpower and operational costs.

Security Operation Process

Mainguard Security New Command Centre was built in 2018 to facilitate the demand of our monitoring and response services.

The security command centre is a 24-hour monitoring centre that actively safeguard your assets so you can focus on your core business with a peace of mind.

The role of the Command Centre includes:

Response Team

In case of emergencies, the MSS response team will be scrambled to react immediately to the incident. The team is specially trained to assess your premise and take necessary actions according to the Standard Operating Procedures. This eliminates the need for you to be involved in false alarms and yet be duly informed if emergencies arises.

Patrol Management

Patrol guards at premises equipped with the Security Management System will be connected to the SCC via the patrol device. Reports and captured images transmitted to the SCC will be evaluated and taken care of. This speeds up decision-making processes and ensures that threats are taken care of instantly.

Round-the-clock Surveillance

With smart security software and analytic systems, the SCC is an additional security layer that remotely detects and reacts to situations, providing an effective answer to your security needs.