About Us

Welcome to Mainguard

A Strongly Built Reputation Through Focused Quality service

Mainguard maintains ongoing training programs that concentrate on its niche. Ensuring that these develop the skills and professionalism of its workforce allows Mainguard to provide the best service for its market.

Over time, this has allowed Mainguard to be recognised in the industry for the provision of first-class security service to its clients. In a market not short of the competition, having a strong reputation comes a long way in attracting new clients and developing an advantage over the competition.

Accountability and Transparency

Mainguard’s sales process shows potential clients the steps it has taken to provide top-notch service, as well as its accomplishments. A thorough and factual presentation is given covering points such as (a) what Mainguard’s service is, (b) what can be offered, and (c) an itemised breakdown of the financial aspect of its resources, concerning the contract value.

This forges a professional relationship built on trust between Mainguard and its client.