Fontus Marine Trading Sdn bhd | Services
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Fontus Marine offers its clients state of the art customized and flexible solutions for warehousing and storage services. We operate a multi-location warehousing service in Malaysia with 22 loading bays, over 18,000 pallets storage capacity and cross docking services for cost-effective and efficient distribution.

Fontus Marine operates under a fully integrated warehouse management system (WMS) to manage inventory from product receipt to the final destination. The WMS system has the technology for bar code reading and verification, inventory tracking and reporting down to the serial id and location level. The system is programmed with customers contact details which enables to send Notifications and reports via email automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as desired by the customers.

A team of dedicated staff with vast industry experience enables us to run the warehouse operations efficiently.

Transportation & Distribution

With over 20 years of experience in transportation services. We offer a wide range of delivery solution for your transportation needs. From road freight forwarding, cargo delivery, cargo pick up, cargo trucking, shipment transportation and other services.

Our services includes:

Door to Door delivery

Express delivery

Island Wide distribution

Contract Transportation

DG Cargo delivery

Local Relocation/Commercial Relocation

Air, Sea & Freight Forwarding

In cooperation with international maritime companies we offer our clients best possibilities to transport cargos by sea or air transport from terminal to terminal or from door to door to/from all over the world. With our expertise, we are able to offer our valued client’s optimum logistics solutions by assuring your goods will arrive at your designated destination on time and in the most economical way. Just leave your specific request with our consultant and we will deal with the rest.

Our Service offering includes:

Door to Door/Door to Port/Port to Door/Port to Port

Import & Export

Cross trade freight


Transhipment Cargo

Consolidation & Deconsolidation

Container & Conventional Trucking

Customs & Port Clearance

General Ship Supplies

General ship supply is the core and backbone of our business and the service in which we are unrivaled in Malaysia. Purchasing high- quality stock items from renowned wholesalers and having good relations with them as well, aligns with our vision. The vision to supply our customer with the stable and high quality that they deserve, while still being able to be very competitive on a price level with our competitors. This supply chain design makes us stand out from the crowd, and leaves us unrivaled in the Malaysia ship candling sector from a price-quality point of view. The general ship supply service that we are offering consist of the following:


Cabin Stores

Maritime Medical Supply

Admiralty Chart and Publication


Spare Parts & Technical Supplies

Fontus Marine, a member to supply the highest quality spares, parts and specialist-support service to a worldwide clientele base. In-house experience and practical knowledge go hand-in-hand with the dynamic enthusiasm and aspirations of Fontus Marine’s team. They are determined to expand the company’s activities, taking it forward. Fontus Marine currently supplies premium quality spare parts from the world’s leading component manufacturers, specializing in all aspects of marine engineering including the supply of new and reconditioned marine engines, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or replacement spare parts, bridge equipment, dry docks, paints, chemicals and other technical services.

Our aim is to provide the highest possible service that our customers deserve. We take pride in our commitment to respond, quickly and competitively, to the needs of our clientele. Reliability, flexibility, professionalism and the personal touch are the keystone of the services and products we provide.

Deck- & Engine-Stores

Fontus Marine offers comprehensive range of deck, engine, electrical and cabin products. The purchasing department source products from all over the world to attain good quality products with competitive pricing.

For the vessels’ galleys and cabins we provide everything from dining utensils to kitchen equipment. We are specialised in products for hygienic cleaning, all kinds of standard cleaning products as there are chemicals, laundry cleaner and even vacuum cleaner.

Regardless of what your ship’s requirement are, Fontus Marine provides wide range of deck, engine, electrical and cabin stores. To reduce miscommunication, we use IMPA & ISSA catalogues extensively to identify the items your vessel requires.

Our considerable purchasing power means that we can obtain good quality product with a reasonable price. With strong experience of our staff ensure high quality products at favourable conditions.