Fontus Marine Trading Sdn bhd | Your Global Logistics & Supply Chain Partner
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Fontus Marine Trading Services Proudly Serves

Your Global Logistics & Supply Chain Partner

Services We Offer


Fontus Marine offers its clients state of the art customized and flexible solutions for warehousing and storage services.

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Transportation & Distribution

With over 20 years of experience in transportation services. We offer a wide range of delivery solution for your transportation needs.

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Air, Sea & Freight Forwarding

In cooperation with international maritime companies we offer our clients best possibilities to transport cargos by sea or air transport

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General Ship Supplies

General ship supply is the core and backbone of our business and the service in which we are unrivaled in Malaysia.

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Spare Parts & Technical Supplies

Fontus Marine, a member to supply the highest quality spares, parts and specialist-support service to a worldwide clientele base.

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Deck- & Engine-Stores

Fontus Marine offers comprehensive range of deck, engine, electrical and cabin products. The purchasing department source products

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Who We Are?

Fontus Marine is an intangible service industry, freight does not induce customer royalty nor does it has a definite continuum. A simple service of transporting from one origin to the next destination, from the manufacturer to the consumer, is not as simple as it seems. It involves, Information, Equipment, Mode of transport, Documentation…the list goes on depending on the requirement of the Trans model service. A service provider in our industry must constantly reinvent their means of transport service to suit the client’s needs. Hence, reinventing the dynamics of our service. At Fontus Marine, this is what we are about and it’s our goal!

Why Fontus Marine Trading?


Fast Service

Speed in delivery is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction which results in more sales


Low Rates

Price matters, a low delivery cost can help you provide lower or even free delivery for your customers


Responsive Service

Customers want to be able to arrange the delivery to fit their busy schedules


Quality Service

The attitude of the man in carrying out the service can have a profound impact on customer’s satisfaction too.