Zalora eCommerce Integration

Zalora eCommerce Integration

You can now rapidly increase visibility over multiple marketplaces, as you don’t have to worry about managing inventory of your Zalora store using Orderhive. Sync all Zalora shops to centralize back-end tasks and automate inventory updates.

How does it work?

The customer-oriented features of the platform include fast delivery, thirty-day free return, multiple payment methods, and free shipping over a specific spend. As for merchants, they get qualified customer support 24×7, personalized account management, and lots of versatile business solutions. Besides, a collaboration with the most extensive online fashion boutique in the South East Asian region provides instant access to the vast user base. It’s an excellent opportunity to increase your influence on the fashion scene of the area. The most obvious way is based on using the standard export functionality of the platform, but it is not the most efficient tool. Therefore, you need a Magento 2 Zalora connector to pass the integration successfully, but how to choose the right solution?

Why Zalora?

Attracting more than 2.6 million customers in just 6 years of its inception, the Zalora marketplace is one of the best places to sell on. It is said to be a one-stop fashion destination for southern Asia, Zalora has placed itself at the vanguard of growing online shopping business. Founded in 2012, Zalora is Currently operating in the region of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. With the Zalora eCommerce integration program, you will be able to benefit yourself in multiple ways like skipping all the hectic one-by-one uploading and multiple store management issues, etc. Hence making your selling process on Zalora effortless and easy.

Zalora Integration For eCommerce Key Features

Selling on Zalora with your eCommerce store has never been this easy. The integration provides several more features, breaking down your hectic and lengthy selling process into one step easy selling. Here are some spotlight features:

Product listing

List your products smoothly on Zalora. With automated handling of Stocks and inventory, reduce the manual record-keeping process. Sell on Zalora with eCommerce integration.

Synchronize Existing Products on the basis of SKU

Synchronize your inventory from your eCommerce store to Zalora Marketplace automatically, using the SKU of the existing products, without having to create a new product.

Product Category Mapping

The product category mapping implies, mapping multiple eCommerce store categories to one Zalora Category. Get your products automatically synced into relevant categories.

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