Amazon eCommerce Integration

Amazon eCommerce Integration

Immersive Media offers the ultimate tool for e-commerce website owners. Our Amazon e-commerce system utilizes the latest technology that simplifies selling on Amazon. Our system fully integrates the ability to manage and sell your products on Amazon directly from your e-commerce website, saving your time and money.

How does it work?

We integrate within your eCommerce management panel a specially design system that is synchronized with your Amazon Sellers Account and allows you to directly manage and sell your products on Amazon. This makes it much faster and easier to manage your online business.

All you need to do is to upload a product into your eCommerce website and you will be offered with the option (Sell on Amazon). The pre-configured system will automatically upload that product into your Amazon shop and sell it on the terms and conditions you previously configured for your account.

Benefits of using our Amazon e-commerce system

Reach tens of millions of potential new customers
Fast and easy management
Fully synchronized system
Customize the way you sell
Eliminate duplicate work
Trusted shopping portal

Working with Amazon

Amazon offers its sellers various seller accounts and options. Each of them involve different costs and benefits. The two main types of accounts are; Individual selling plan and pro merchant plan. Choosing the correct account for your business will depend mostly on the value of the products you sell and the volume of sales.

Amazon FBA service

Sellers that also want to have their products listed on Amazon Prime need to contract the (FBA) service, Fulfilment by Amazon. Being an FBA partner means that your products are stored, picked and packed within the Amazon facilities and sold in all EU countries. FBA products are eligible for Prime so you gain access to millions of Amazon’s most loyal and active customers.

Why use our Amazon system?

Your e-commerce business website will benefit enormously by using our Amazon system. Our system simplifies all the tasks of uploading and managing your Amazon shop. Making the management work much easier and effective. Your online shop will also benefit enormously by selling on Amazon by reaching tens of millions of potential new customers.

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