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Perfect Practice makes Perfect

~ Vince Lombardi

Perfect Practice Learning Centre is the place to go when you are facing difficulties in learning and mastering Mathematics. We are in the teaching industry since 2000. We have taught Additional and Elementary Mathematics to O and N level students who have graduated since then.

About Us

We develop every student’s interest in Mathematics by equipping them with the fundamental skills to solve Mathematics problems in ‘Real World Context’. We impart these skills in an innovative and effective method to transform complex formulas and methods into simpler ones for everyone with different learning abilities to understand. We also teach in synchronisation with the MOE syllabus.

We understand that students these days are losing interest in learning and mastering Mathematics due to the following reasons:

Not able to understand what they have learnt in school;

Not having adequate practice on ‘average' and ‘higher-order thinking' questions; and

Not able to eliminate careless mistakes in Mathematics workings.

Why Perfect Practice Learning Centre?

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Learn More in Less Time!

The Singapore curriculum generally focuses on fewer topics but in greater depth. Students don’t just learn how to reach an answer, but they learn how the equation works.


The Perfect Teaching

Our Singapore Math curriculum follows the Common Core Standards. We Also Incorporate the AKS (Academic Knowledge and Skills) into each lesson.


How We Learn?

Hands-on teaching and use of colorful manipulatives.
One-on-One Coaching
Small Student to Teacher Ratio
Singapore Math Textbooks and workbooks

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The best learning centre in Singapore

Custom Worksheets

More than 30,000 pages of worksheets for classroom guided practice and home practice to help you child develop mastery and self discipline.

Unique Step-up Approach

Bite-sized increases in difficulty help your child to build their understanding and confidence, at their own pace.

Certified Trainers

The perfect balance of guidance and encouraged self-discovery boosts your child’s confidence and stimulates independent thinking.

Singapore Maths

Based on Singapore Maths, Perfect Practice Learning is the most relevant and most comprehensive Maths enrichment program available

Individualised Lessons

Learning remains challenging and fun because the difficulty and pace of learning are tailored for your child.

Small Classes

Low student-to-trainer ratio allows for better engagement and monitoring of your child’s progress.

“What Other Say”


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is Practice

~ Vladmimir Horowitz

Lower Secondary




Fees / Month

Hours / Month

Secondary 1
4 sessions of 2 hours per session
Normal Academic
Secondary 2
Normal Academic