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Welcome to Mainguard

Mainguard maintains ongoing training programs that concentrate on its niche. Ensuring that these develop the skills and professionalism of its workforce allows Mainguard to provide the best service for its market.

The Mainguard Difference

Why Mainguard


With 45 years’ experience, we are well poised to take on all challenges and serve our clients with confidence and professionalism

Diversified expertise

With our expertise in handling varied client-premises in different market segments, we can adapt and respond faster to our clients’ needs

Regional & International reach

Our ability to connect with our overseas associates gives us an edge in a business where speed and local knowledge are critical


Diligently safeguarding the confidentiality of our clients is a Hallmark of our services


Throughout all projects undertaken, We are committed to providing our providing our clients the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct

Training Consultancy

We work closely with the client to conduct Red Teaming Exercises (with customised scenarios), fire drills and provide consultancy at no further charge on security matters for their premises, people and visitors.

Transformation With Digitalisation

Security Digital Road Map

Manpower intensive and low digital technology adoption; use of manual surveillance, access control and patrolling

Stage 1

Digital Systems, Optimise Resources

Digitalise surveillance to reduce manpower intensive work and ease resource constraints.

Stage 2

Integrate Services, Enhance Response

Digital service integration enables service portability and enhances response speed and quality.

Stage 3

Converging Insights, Intelligent Business

Exploit opportunities to maximize business value through advanced tech and convergence.

Additional Services

Annual Security Audit

As a value-added feature, Mainguard Security ensures it equips itself with a full understanding of each customer’s physical security position. Some of the points for consideration are:

Is the client vulnerable to threats that have been unaccounted for?

Is the client spending unnecessary amounts of money on unneeded features?

Does its employees understand how to leverage the technology effectively, both during an emergency and on a day-to-day basis?

Our Business Is Protecting Yours

Manpower Management

Thriving in this industry, Mainguard is aware of how security plays a vital role in the success of an organisation and how the convergence of physical and technological resources is key to providing top-notch service in any given environment and circumstance.

The Key to our Success
is our Focus on our Employees.

Empowerment through Education


Recalibrating the company’s policy to meet today’s working realities and the mindsets of the talent is an ongoing process. Mainguard Security firmly invests in its employees’ pathway by providing growth and learning opportunities through:

Company-sponsored training

Micro-learning / on site learning

Integrating learning in employee experience

Management's involvement

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