About Company

About Event List

EventList is an innovative and tech-savvy event company that provides comprehensive events planning, designs, logistics, set up, and more for your next event. Our team of experienced event managers, designers, and planners all work together to make every event we create an amazing experience for our customers without breaking the bank!

Our Company

EventList was founded by a group of seasoned event planners, designers, and managers because our founders were tired of working for impersonal event planning agencies.

Instead, they wanted to build a creative small company atmosphere where they could provide the best event logistics experience possible…without the overpriced fees and expenses that bigger companies demand.

And that’s how EventList was born.

So, if you’re looking for top quality event services on a budget, EventList is the perfect choice for your next event! We set high standards for quality, efficiency, creativity, technology, and customer service and we always deliver.

Our unique experience, expertise, and focus on providing events that are both memorable and fun is what makes us the number one choice for event planning agencies in Singapore!

Our Team

Eventlist is a young and modern company but we have an old soul.

Our founders and employees are all experienced event services professionals who have decades of shared experience in creating, planning, and designing some of the most breathtaking and successful events for both corporate and private occasions. Every time you work with us, we’ll craft an amazing event you’ll never forget!

Our event team is happy to help you with every detail of your next event, from budgeting and logistics to all those other little details that really make an event great. Our range of expertise includes event services for weddings, corporate events, dinners, galas, festivals, expositions, birthday parties, and celebrations of all kinds!

Our Mission Statement

Our team is dedicated to making your next event your best event, whether that’s a corporate gathering, exhibition, wedding reception, or private event! We’re passionate about offering the best quality for a fair price. That’s why we make it our mission…

to provide excellent quality event services from prompt, effective logistics and planning services to beautiful, custom event designs at the best price!
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