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Our main objective at ‘EPM’ is to provide our most esteemed clients with the technical and social abilities to resolve building related problems they may have or anticipate. We are committed to our clients in providing only the best of services. Our integrated approach and pro-active view of related business activities and wide range of services enable us to bring efficiency to our service delivery as well as substantial economy of scale.

Janitorial Maintenance Services

We provide a wide range of contractual and non-contractual janitorial services to Industrial and Warehouse Buildings, Cleanroom Environment, Commercial Building, Offices and Condominiums, Our staffs are trained and equipped with the whole range of janitorial methods and up-to-date techniques to ensure higher quality and productivity.

Landscape and General Garden Maintenance

EPM can provide landscape maintenance with teams who are dedicated and trained to perform the job to our clients’ requirements. We provide appropriate landscape services necessary to create and maintain beautiful lawn and landscape.

Washroom Products Supplies and Rental Services

Supplying and replenishing of liquid hand soap, toilet rolls and air freshener for washrooms and toilets. Rental services including renting of hand soap and air freshener dispensers.

Waste Disposal Services

We provide complete waste management services in the removal and disposal of solid waste including the supply of waste bins / tanks, compactors etc all of which can be tailored to suit our clients’ individual needs. Our services can be provided on a contractual basis or a one-off haulage.

Pest Control and Fumigation Services

Specialization in fumigation and removal of various types of pests and insects by, means of cockroaches, rodent, common ants, mosquitoes and flies control to make workplace safer and more hygienic.