Gel Syringe Bait

Product Information

COMBAT MAX® Ant Killing Gel arms your home with proper ant control. It’s formulated to attract ants quickly, while its fast-acting insecticide, Fipronil, one of the most powerful ant killers, starts to exterminate ants in hours.

Worker ants return to the colony and feed the bait to the larvae and to the queen, eliminating the entire ant colony.

This gel is easy to use so you can apply it in cracks, crevices and other hard-to-reach places.

Package includes 1 syringe of ant killing gel


Direction For Use

To apply gel. Remove cap from tip, touch tip to surface and depress plunger. Recap tube after use.

Apply gel in crevices or cracks where you see regular ant activities.

Apply gel along ant trail . Do not remove ant trails as worker ants follow a distinctive trail to hunt for food and return to their colony.

Do not apply gel to areas which have been recently sprayed with insecticides or contaminated with foggers, and do not spray insecticides over the gel as this will discourage ants from taking the gel.