6.95%p.a.*^ paid monthly for first six months, then 6.5%^ p.a. paid monthly ongoing

No entry or
exit fees

Suitable for SMSFs, Individuals, Companies, and Trusts

Minimum three-month investment period, 12-24 months recommended

Delivered by the
Bancs Corp


Are you frustrated by the returns offered by term deposits, cash accounts, shares, or traditional property investment opportunities?

Are you tired of waiting for infrequent interest payments’ which restricts your ability to invest in new opportunities as they arise?

Or maybe you’re waiting for the property clock to turn and wish there was a way to make a better return on your money, regardless of the Australian property market?


If you have $10,000 or more currently invested at ‘traditional’ rates between 2-5%p.a., consider increasing your returns with the Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund. You can get started with as little as $10,000. And you’ll receive your distributions within the first five days of every month, just like clockwork.


Put simply, the Fund’s mandate is to source quality loan investment
opportunities in the commercial, industrial, residential, and retail
property sectors as well as growing businesses throughout Australia
secured by first ranking securities over property and/or business

Here are some of our strict investment requirements:


Maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70% per loan.

Asset Diversity

Loans can be made for property purchase, property development, business growth, business acquisition.

Secured Assets

Each loan is secured by a first ranking mortgage over real property and/or a first ranking general security interest over business assets.

Please note: An investment in Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund is an investment in Bancs Corp Capital Pty Ltd. All loans and security are managed by Bancs Corp Capital, a wholly related party of Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund. Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund has a first ranking general security interest over Bancs Corp Capital’s assets. Read the PDS for more detail.

This Is Your Last Chance To Lock In 6.95%p.a.*^ For Six Months

Invest in the Fixed Income Fund before 11:59PM January 31, 2020 to lock in 6.95%p.a.*^ for the first six months.

From Feb 1 2020, the Fixed Income Fund will return 6.5%p.a.^, paid monthly for new investors.


The Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund?

Here’s why so many high-net worth investors and financial advisors are excited about the Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund:

Competitive Distributions

Investors who take action before Jan 31 2020 will receive 6.95%p.a.*^ p.a. paid monthly for the first 6 months and 6.5%p.a.^ paid monthly after that. For investors who take action from Feb 1 2020 onwards, the fund will return 6.5%p.a.^ paid monthly.

Historical Performance

The Fund’s April 2019 Distribution Rate (%PA) is 6.95%p.a.*^ Its performance since inception is 6.72%p.a.^ (For more detailed information on our performance history, request a copy of the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement, where you will also receive our latest Quarterly Investor Update).

Stable Capital

Each unit’s value has remained constant at $1 since inception.

Monthly Distributions

Monthly distributions are made within 5 business days each month. There have been no missed distributions since inception. This is a tremendous bonus for retirees requiring cash flow.

Start With As Little As $10,000

All you need is a minimum of $10,000 to get started. Our current average investment is $100,000.

No Entry Or Exit Fees

We won’t charge you to join us. And we won’t charge you to withdraw yourfunds.

Suitable For Many Australian Investors

The Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund is suitable for SMSFs, Individuals, Companies, and Trusts. Please note, we only accept Australian investors.

You Can “Test” Fund Performance

Unlike other investments that require significant capital and a long-term commitment of many years, you can test the Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund with as little as $10,000.


It takes a lot of resources to manage a successful Funds Management business. Bancs Corp is supported by a highly experienced team of chartered accountants, SMSF administration experts, and Property and Finance professionals.

Here are some of the Bancs Corp’s awards:


Here’s what others are saying about Bancs Corp…


We provide investors high-return regular income investments as part of a diversified investment portfolio.

As a boutique, non-bank, Fixed Income Manager, we are directly accountable to you, our investors. We exist to provide a capital stable, equitable income solution to support your portfolio’s ongoing success.

We are proudly part of the Bancs Corp, who provides expert support and advice across all stages of our clients’ financial lives.


The Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund was designed for investors who are uninspired by the disappointing interest rates and conditions offered by banks, shares and traditional property investing. More specifically, it’s for investors who…

Seek portfolio diversity

Have $10,000 or more to invest for at least three months

Want the security of investing with a regulated fund manager (and not a property developer)

Don’t want to tie their money up for years in large, (and often uncertain) commercial projects

Are concerned their current investments are underperforming and jeopardising their retirement planning

Want returns from a collaborative investment strategy led by an experienced, regulated management team


Or Find Out More?

To start earning superior monthly distributions, request your free information pack or talk to our Investor Relations team about investing in the Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund.


To invest in this Offer, investors should obtain and read a copy of the PDS before making an investment decision.

Complete the Application Form located at the rear of the Product Disclosure Statement. The Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund is open to Australian residents only. This includes Self-Managed Super Funds, Individuals, Companies, and Trusts.

Units in this offer will only be issued in response to an application form that was included in, or accompanied by, the relevant PDS documents.


By reading this web page or downloading these documents, you agree that this information is of a general nature only and has not taken into account your particular circumstances. You should consider whether the strategies and investments are suitable for you or seek personal advice from a licensed financial planner before making an investment decision. Unless specifically stated, the repayment of capital or the forecast performance of this investment is not guaranteed.

By reading this web page or downloading these documents, you agree to the terms and conditions. You should consider whether the investment is suitable for you, or seek personal advice from a licensed financial planner, before making an investment decision. Printed Product Disclosure Statements for this product are available from Bancs Corp Asset Management Limited (Bancs Corp). Call us on 1300 73 72 74 or request one from your Financial Advisor.

We reserve the right to vary this Closing Date without prior notice and may close the Offer early, extend the Offer, withdraw the Offer or accept late applications. You are encouraged to submit your Application Form as soon as possible.

Investment may only be made by completing the application form attached to the Product Disclosure Statement. Bancs Corp Asset Management Limited ACN 156 533 041 holds Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) 422902. BANCS CORP has registered the Bancs Corp Fixed Income Fund ARSN 622 775 464 with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Consumer Advisory Note

BANCS CORP ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED ACN 156 533 041 AFSL 422902 is the issuer and manager of the BANCS CORP FIXED INCOME FUND ARSN 622 775 464.

It is important for you to consider the Product Disclosure Statement for the Fund in deciding whether to invest, or to continue to invest, in the Fund. You can read the PDS on our website or request a copy by contacting the Bancs Corp offices on 1300 73 72 74.

Returns on our investments are variable and paid monthly in arrears. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The rates of return from the Fund are not guaranteed and are determined by the future revenue of the Fund and may be lower than expected. An investment in the Fund is not a bank deposit. Withdrawal rights are subject to liquidity and may be delayed or suspended.

IMPORTANT: This website ( and all its contents have been prepared for general information only and should not be taken as legal or financial advice, and as such the specific needs, investment objectives or financial situation of any particular user have not been taken into consideration. Individuals should therefore talk with their financial planner or advisor before acting on any information present in the Bancs Corp website.

*Indicative rate for the first 6 months only ^Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

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