Asia Gymnastics Academy | Asia Gymnastics Academy
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Welcome To Asia Gymnastics Academy

The first in Malaysia to offer both Gymnastics and Dance under one roof. Dance and Gymnastics help train the mind and body, helping one to develop strength, grace and co-ordination.

Kinder Gym (3-5Yrs)

Basically, your little one changes from an unsteady toddler into an overly active and slightly uncontrollable child. At Kinder Gym, our gymnastics program for this age cluster has been specifically considered to facilitate your child to channel all that vigour and attained developmental milestones.


Level 1 (6-8Yrs)

Once they master the skills in their current level they will be promoted to the next corresponding level. Your child’s coach will inform you when they are ready to move.

Level 2 (Above 9 Years)

Advanced Non-Competitive Gymnastics is a 2 hour class for 1 or 2 times per week for children who have a background in gymnastics or who have previously competed in gymnastics and wish to improve on their gymnastics skills but are not interested in competition.

Jackson Shoots

Competitive (by Invitation)

Gymnastics is a magnificent sport to increase strength, flexibility and confidence for your child; at the same time allowing your child to have a stack of enjoyment. When your child is being moved from recreational to competitive gymnastics, their skills can then be performed at gym meets before the judges.