ACG Interior & Exhibition Pte Ltd provide our clients with customized solutions for Interior Design, Event Planning & Exhibition. Our experienced design teams ensure that all our clients are satisfied with quality finishes for our customized installation works.

We have grown steadily and proven to be creative and professional with our trained teams of designers. We work closely with our clients by listening to their needs and wants so as to develop concepts that are unique to them.

Reasons to Choose my Service


ACG Interior focuses on creating a strong rapport with its clients, working closely with them by listening to their ideas and developing concepts based on each unique need. It is with this stark insight that ACG Interior successfully completes design projects ranging from showrooms, fabrication of showcases, offices, retailers.


With our very own in-house carpentry workshop, we are able to provide a competitive edge over many others in terms of time and costs management which translates into faster turnaround time for our Clients. All these would not be possible without the hands of our in-house carpenters and workers putting together all the plans into real structures and end-products. All done with close supervision of the Designers themselves day to day as the works develop.


Our professional team of designers are always thinking or dreaming out of the box. You can trust us to design and build the interior that truly tells your story to your visitors. We also get inspired by many things that we see in our everyday lives.