Company Chief Advisor

Mr. Yang Zhenqiu

Mr. Yang Zhenqiu, Master Degree holder, Chinese nationality. He used to be the investment manager of Shenye Group Co., Ltd. (深业集团); Head of Investment Department of Shenzhen Captial Group Co., Ltd (深创投), the general manager of Zhongke Zhichangfu Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (中科智长富创业投资公司); the deputy general manager of Everbright Holdings Chuangyou Investment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (光大控股); Jiangnan Capital Co., Ltd. (江南资本) Founding managing partner. He currently serves as Director of Shanghai Kexin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.(上海科新生物技术股份有限公司); Director of Jianye Hengan Engineering Management Co., Ltd.( 建业恒安工程管理股份有限公司); Director of Zhuhai Yingboer Electric Co., Ltd. (珠海英搏尔电气股份有限公司董事); Director of Jiangsu Huagong Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (江苏华工创业投资有限公司); Zhuhai Leading Interconnected High-tech Industry Investment Center (Limited Partnership) (珠海领先互联高新技术产业投资中心) Legal representative, executive partner.

Managing Partner

Edmund Tan

Edmund Tan, CFA and ACCA, more than 20 years in fund management, audit and CFO roles. Former partner of CMIA Capital Management, co-founding partner of Zana Capital Management Pte Ltd, Audit supervisor Ernst & Young LLP. Currently the Representative Officer of Prosperous Alliance and also Director of Racks Central group of companies that operates datacenter in Singapore and China.

Liu Kai Wei

Liu Kai Wei, former Deputy GM of Shenzhen Tiancheng Investment Co., Ltd., Chairman of Founder Civil Engineering Co., Ltd., Researcher of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Co., Ltd., Project Director of Shenzhen Juntong Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd, managed and handle Wu Zheng Instrument, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Fangchenggang Reclamation and Hainan Yangpu Port and many projects. Invested and participated in the overall planning and construction of Yantai Chujia Village, Jiaozhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge. He is currently a Director in Dayang Parking Co., Ltd and also the vice president of Hong Kong Enze Charity Foundation.


Tan Weiye

Tan Weiye, Master degree in Law from University of Warwick, over 20 years of experience as a legal counsel, currently a Senior Partner in Beijing Zhong Ren Legal Practice LLP. Specialized in IPOs, corporate restructuring, merger and acquisitions, incorporation of funds. Has vast contacts in all sectors, including government, SOE and listed companies in China.

Victor Kong

Victor Kong, BEng in Civil and Structural Engineering; a MSc, Computer Science; Executive MBA from Harvard Business School and Real Estate Management from Harvard Graduate School of Design.  Former VP – IT Advisor of Ascendas (13 years), Head Ops SAF Information Centre. Currently the CEO of VK Capital Digital Funds specializing in data centre investment