Multi-Storey Automated Parking

3x to 8x additional parking capacity created

Low construction cost (average RMB 40k to 60k per lot)

Short construction period (3-4 months)

Suitable for most locations

High RiseCar Park

Can go up to over 40 storeys

Maximizing the parking capacity

Nice façade

Suitable for commercial and high traffic flow

Patented Single Row Carpark

Suitable for narrow or congested space

15 stories with over 50 parking lots available over a space that can originally accommodate 5 parking space (10x capacity)

Flexible design, can be customized for front entry or side entry

5 patents on this unique design

Fully automated and highly secured

Underground Carpark

Carpark built entirely underground

Ideal for hospital, residential, places of interest where above ground space are of high commercial value

Construction period – 6 to 10 months

Approximately 250 parking lots over a land size of 3,500 sq meters (4 levels below ground)

Automated Carpark vs Traditional Multi-Story Carpark

Automated Automated Traditional
Land size (sq meters) 740 744
Building height (meters) 14.7 15.6
Number of levels 6 5
Number of carpark lots 132 63
Construction cost per lot (RMB) 50,000 85,000
Total cost (excluding land and lifts)(RMB) 11.2m 5.4m
Construction period 3 Months 18 Months
Annual revenue (assuming 14 hours @ RMB10/hr) RMB 6.7m RMB 3.2m
Operating cost (manpower, maintenance and utility) RMB 600,000 RMB 200,000