1B1R Pte Ltd | Current Projects
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Property Project

Singapore distinguished property developer and investor, going for IPO in the short term.

Vacuum Pack Chilli Crab

Singapore first Vacuum packed crab in the market, come in three flavours: chilli, black pepper and salted egg yolk! With just 5 and a half miutes in the microwave, you can enjoy piping hot seafood in own comfort! Freshness guaranteed up to 6 months. Now we are working with them to open the China Market.

Radar Marketing

Radar is an online platform dedicated to the promotion of cash vouchers which will be launched on June / July in 2017. At Radar, there will be more than $ 100,000 cash vouchers available on the platform every day. Users can register and collect voucher. When user visit the physical store , the voucher can be redeemed and used as cash. Merchants can also issue cash vouchers every day at the Radar to do promotion and attract customer flow.

Power Bank Renting & Media

Radar Media is a technology media company focused on renting projects and developing new channels of advertising sources. Company is focus on Power Bank Renting System currently which overcome the limitations of the traditional charging industry. User can borrow power bank, use power bank and return power bank at anywhere with the renting machine. Radar media expected to invest 200 machine around Singapore in pubs, restaurant, 7-11 and shopping mall at the first phase. Furthermore, the advertising on Power Bank and renting machine LED screen is also available, which achieve a breakthrough over the traditional media coverage

Online App BUY/SALE Houses

An app that able to provide property agents and non-agents to view and promote the property to potential buyers using 3D. Is also a disruptive formation in property industries. The company will work together with partner in every city each city we are looking at 10 projects, currently the company is talking to Kepple Land, Thailand Developers and Cambodia Developers

Property 3D modeling

Starting from 2014, we have worked primarily in the Architecture and Urban Design realm on a wide variety of Virtual Reality projects, from the recreation of the National Theatre of Singapore, to collaborations with local real estate developers on urban developments in South East Asia.
We explored many facets of VR technology for a variety of hardware and needs; our work ranges from traditional computer-based interactive presentations to 360 movies, as well as mobile 3D interactive VR Apps