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1B1R Introduction

”One Belt One Road”(OBOR) is an initiative, which was launched by President XI Jinping in 2013, to focus on improving and creating new trading routes, links and business opportunities with China, passing through over 60 countries along the way, across Asia, Europe, the Meddle East and Africa. It has two main elements;

At present, China’s economy and the world economy is highly correlated. , To build a new pattern of all-round opening up, deep into the world economic system. It is also a need to strengthen the mutually beneficial cooperation between Asia, Africa and the rest of the world, and China is willing to shoulder more and more responsibilities within its capabilities. In this way, China is willing to do more within its capabilities. Responsibilities and obligations, for human peace and development to make greater contribution.

Vision & Mission

To allow business owner to be part of the companies to move towards 1B1R. To assist companies to raise funds and expand through our contacts and resources in Asia